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Mixed Media on Paper #paper #mixedmedia


Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Claudio Kaczka, architect, musician and self-taught painter that identifies as a multidisciplinary artist and renaissance man, moved to Miami, Florida in 2004 to work for Christian Dior being in charge of the store design for US and Latin America.


He was captivated not only by the architecture but also by the approach of the brand to the absolute femininity and women’s freedom.

Maintaining his belief in the importance of the aesthetics and pleasure in art, embracing art’s potential for pleasure and beauty, Claudio Kaczka paints sensuous nudes and women figures among other studies of abstract art, digital medium printed on metal and acrylic and mixed media on canvas.


… “with the figurative art I paint what I see and imagine, with the abstract art I paint what I feel”… 

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